22 for 2022

It’s that time of the year again where I set some goals, try earnestly to achieve every last one of them, only to kick myself at the end of the year when I fall short of my impossible expectations. Or is it? I wonder this year if looking at the way I measure my achievements can directly impact how satisfied I feel both throughout and at the end. When I think about the times I have felt truly happy it hasn’t been the moments I have ticked something off a list despite how satisfying that is. It has been in those moments I have felt connected to what I am doing and by the positive impact it has on both myself and others. It’s no wonder that the one constant measurement of success has been the quality of my relationships.

2022 will be a year of quality connections and already I am exploring what that looks like. What I know is that the challenge of getting quality time with family and friends here is an enormous challenge, and because those take time to develop and grow I feel like I am falling short and probably that others are unable to fill the type of commitment I am used to with my relationships that have lasted decades. I know that my job as a nurse does have an impact on that especially when working days/hours don’t always fit in with others availability, but I have done a lot of thinking about whether social media serves the purpose of quality connections or if it is in fact increasing the psychological burden with the onslaught of current affairs right now. Sometimes it is worthwhile trying a new way of connecting and that is the plan this year – deactivate facebook, utilise Whatsapp for messages, and share our updates via instagram only. I have Twitter for work but have so far deleted Pinterest, Snapchat, and soon Facebook. What I have explored more is an App called MarcoPolo which allows you to record video messages that can be seen live or post recording. It has been invaluable for truly feeling a part of everyday life and for having a face and voice not just a message – the benefit is that timezones do not matter.

Getting back to the 22 in 2022 – I am not convinced that my lists of “must do” items fit any more but I do have a few “love to” items to share that fit in with the theme of connection – connection to self, family, friends, community/nature, and the future.

  1. We plan on having a family holiday with the Nisbett family. Last year we holidayed together in Scotland and it was so rewarding. They are such a wholesome family who have values that align with ours, they have kindness at the core of who they are, and we all respect each other – so it is easy to make wonderful memories we will cherish.
  2. I would like to create some rituals with Mackenzie that is something special only her and I do together – I haven’t figured out what yet but do share any ideas if you have them.
  3. I want to start a nursing podcast. No plans yet on when but sometime this year if I can dedicate some time to this.
  4. I am going to book in consistent time to build a tribe of fellow women here – its important for my happiness and to the quality of connections I want.
  5. I plan on reading an entire book – I have so many gifted to me but haven’t prioritised time for it. One is an Everest book – kind of feels like the name of this list!
  6. I plan on breaking in my boots and having some walking adventures – time to buy some socks that don’t slip down into my boots and buy a walking track book for my district.
  7. I would like to have a night away with my sister in law Emma, just her and I staying somewhere and seeing a show together. I am only here for a short while longer and want to have quality time making memories.
  8. Spring is upon us so I plan on having a proper spring clean including decluttering items I don’t need. In fact I have already started with the lounge room – okay so I moved the furniture around so does that count?
  9. Start writing my book – I have a strcutured plan already I just need to sit and write it!
  10. Sensory adventures. Gretchin Rubin mentioned this on one of her podcasts and I thought it a great idea, now to look for what to include.
  11. Another Gretchin Rubin idea: 22 special moments with my husband, again I am yet to decide what that will be but we want to do more as a couple.
  12. We plan on saving so that when we go back to Australia next year, we can have some wiggle room to settle in before commencing work and committing to a house again.
  13. Create sustainable wrapping and bunting/decorations so I am recycling, and reducing the burden on the environment. This means using left over materials and ribbons to make it and utilising it for every event.
  14. Get control over organising time with friends, without taking over completely – remembering it is two way street and being able to sit with that if nothing is planned by others.
  15. Rebuild my haemodialysis nursing skills and knowledge after a three and a half year break.
  16. Learn to skateboard, or at least be able to move it without a trip or a slip over – this should be interesting!
  17. Get involved in litter picking in the community – in Australia we are really proud of our environment and its protection but I do notice alot of rubbish on walkways and verges here so we want to be part of the solution.
  18. Go overseas on holiday at least once, and already this is on course with us hoping to go to Italy with the Nisbetts later this year.
  19. I need to transfer all our old vidoes of the kids and our travels onto discs or memory sticks, they are gathering too much dust and it would be a treat to watch and see what they were like when they were little.
  20. I would like to say I will commit to a journal this year but lets be honest and say that likely wont happen every day – but I will try and write as often as I can without feeling like it is a chore.
  21. Go on a boat trip to see seals and sand banks near Dover, its never been quite the right time but time is ticking and we need to get on with our plans
  22. Finally, I want to lower my expectations on myself, celebrate the good things I achieve, and practice a little more self compassion. In all honesty I think this last one will be the hardest to achieve.

Feel free to share below what goals you have for this year, I would love to hear them!

Cheers From Kent, Tams

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