Christmas Always Begins With The Holiday

Is September really too early for Christmas to begin? I guess if you are a die hard fan of halloween then perhaps however that has never had a place in our home or traditions so why wait until after October is over to begin the festive cheer? September is still relatively mild weather here in the northern hemisphere after the warmth of summer so a perfect time to climb into the loft and dig out all things Christmas. I can’t say our surrounding neighbours didn’t raise an eyebrow or two when we lovingly hung our christmas lights up bit by bit well before anyone else and perhaps we are the “mad Aussies” on the block. 

I do have a long list of favourites at this time of year and between September and January we probably watch almost every Christmas movie on the planet at least once or twice, however I will stick with those at the top of my list. I would love to hear yours too in the comments section and feel free to share what is your most favourite and why.


2: While You Were Sleeping

3: Santa Claus 1, 2 & 3 – after all you cannot simply watch one in isolation from the others.

4: Home Alone 1 – to be fair I don’t mind number 2 but the others are just not the same without MC.

5: The Grinch – this is one of Mackenzies favourite and when living in Australia went so far as to have a Grinch Christmas Party that was an absolute blast!

6: A Christmas Prince 1, 2 & 3.

7: The Princess Switch 1, 2 & 3.

8: Santa Paws – who cant get on board with the songs and the cute dog am I right?

9: Serendipity.

10: Red – whilst an incredibly funny action movie, it does show Bruce Willis noticing the lack of Christmas lights on his own house in comparison to his neighbours and therefore it is essentially a Christmas movie.


Whilst Christmas lights and Christmas movies are great, it is also the time of year to try and extend yourself more in the way that you show love – particularly when your core values and beliefs are central to your celebrations at this time of the year. It is often a difficult time of the year for so many for various reasons so please do extend your Christmas spirit in the way of kindness, giving people the benefit of doubt, forgiving and letting go of past hurt, and if you are in a position to do so then perhaps contributing to a great cause financially or through volunteering will go a long way. 

As a nurse I see the emotional struggles of both our patients and their families at this time of the year when they would be hoping to spend those moments together, and with the pandemic nowhere near its end it can feel like an isolating time for our patients. Whilst health care staff do their best to provide the compassion and care to get patients and their families through this trying time, there are also things you can do.

  • Donate to a hospital charity: details will be on their websites.
  • Donate items in need to the local hospital: often they will have a contact of some one that can guide you in this matter but can include clothes for people who may have come in with nothing, single use activities life crosswords, coulouring pencils, books, and nice toiletries.
  • Sign up for volunteering where it is appropriate given the current pandemic we are in.

As we fly into the Christmas season I hope that we are all at the recieving end of kindness, joy, and care and that we too relfect that back on others. Enjoy a wonderful holiday season celebrating that which is important to you in your faith or belief.

Cheers From Kent, Tams

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