Bookshops In Cambridge

There really is something magical about bookshops and libraries no matter where in the world they are. The shelves hold infinite hours of craftmanship in the form of fictional characters living their adventures on the pages of a book, to bounded knowledge and wisdom that feeds both our personal and intellectual development. Inside those walls you can learn about lands far away, how to grow a bonzai tree, or you can escape into a world of imagined but seemingly real adventures.

Weaving down the cobbled streets of Cambridge we were met by tourists exploring this beautiful place filled with history, students sipping coffee or studying with friends, and a swarm of bicycles either zipping past or chained to lampposts. It was here that we were drawn into one of the most interesting bookshops I have been so far.

There really is something special about a well designed bookshop in the heart of an old English town or city, and this lived up to our expectations. As you walk in there is wall to wall, and floor to ceiling books organised in so many ways. Big to small, colour coded, and over multiple levels. Downstairs they old probably every type of game and puzzle known, and with some out on display you can get caught up trying them out with the assistants. For anyone who knows me will find me in the stationary section and this section was well appointed and there were stationary for days. The thing I was fixated the most on were the old and obscure hard cover books that had been rebound into sketch books – it joined my two favourite things.

I know there were so many more bookshop in Cambridge and although we wanted to visit them all our trip was only a brief one. We will return to visit again sometime and will make it long enough that we can explore the libraries of the countless universities that can be found in Cambridge. The history of learning, achievements and faith in Cambridge will leave you in awe and feeling like no time is enough to capture it all.

It is certainly a place worth visiting and I would encourage others to do the same. What I would love to hear is your favourite library or bookshop?

Cheers From Cambridge, Tams

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