“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.”
– Oscar Wilde

Travel sparks so many emotions that thoughts just cannot contain, and photographs just cannot capture. Documenting the experience of adventure, exploration, and the journey of a million miles, is as important to the soul as is the wind that carries the starling to its destination. Words hold memories safe for eternities and inspire the dreams of those who read them.

Please enjoy the journey as we explore our own backyard and the rest of the world, as visitors and as we experience living in Europe for 2 years before we decide our next country to live in. Discover the places we have already been including our home country Australia, along with England, Paris, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and more. Join us as we start to plan and carry out our temporary move to England, as our springboard to exploring the rest of what the UK and Europe has to offer. We will share our success, our failures, and everything we learn along the way.

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