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With years of experience in the health industry, my unique set of skills can provide you with guidance in many areas. Feel free to email me with the word ENQUIRY in the subject line, to Whatever your needs are, a tailored package can be made to suit your requirements and situation, costing done via a quote.


GHOST WRITER/GUEST BLOGGER/WRITER: If you need a ghost or named writer to write your health or travel content or you would like to collaborate with me, please send an email stating all the details including content requirement, word limit, and due date. I am also available for health/nursing copywriting, articles, and content.


INTERVIEW/KEY PERFORMANCE CRITERIA COACHING: I’m here to assist both graduate nurses and established nurses looking for a new path in understanding and improving their interview presentation and can assist in navigating key performance criteria in the application process.

TUTOR/PROOFREADER: I’m here to assist students in understanding either content and/or assessment criteria, along with proofreading their assignments. Please be aware however that under NO circumstances will I ever write an assignment for you so please do not ask, my goal is to assist you in understanding what the instructor is asking of you and guide you to learn and grow as a student.


HEALTH COACHING: Whether it be your goal to understand your current health issues, being able to access more services via your GP, or actual fitness plans you can implement in your daily life, don’t hesitate to email me your needs.

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